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Phelps Hospital | Northwell Health

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Project Role:
RGBS was the prime contractor for the design, construction, programming, and installation of upgrades to the Building Automation System (BAS) at Phelps Hospital.

Project Description:
Phelps Hospital is a 238-bed, 12 building facility consisting of approximately 18 JACE controllers. RGBS was tasked with originally installing the JACE network infrastructure and continually maintaining the system. RGBS has integrated to existing Honeywell and Siemens Systems. The system has been upgraded from R2 to AX to N4. RGBS has installed an N4 Web Supervisor to communicate to the different JACEs throughout the facility. All trending, alarming, and reporting resides at the supervisor level.

Project Relevance:
This facility’s newly commissioned Niagara 4 framework incorporates powerful and intuitive device integration, system monitoring, and optimization features. Niagara 4’s cutting-edge HTML 5-based Web interface enables users to seamlessly locate, visualize, and disseminate critical data. Niagara 4 empowers developers, integrators, and users to increase energy efficiency, enhance security, reduce costs, and maximize the full array of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Retro-Commissioning HVAC Controls

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 The 485,000 sf Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY uses the Niagara 4 open framework as its BAS. This renowned 238-bed medical center, encompassing approximately 12 buildings throughout its campus, was the highest rated hospital in Westchester County, NY. As the prime contractor for the design, construction, programming, and installation of BAS upgrades, RGBS improved energy efficiency and lowered operating costs through retro-commissioning of the facility’s HVAC control system.

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