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Dept. of Sanitation New York City, Lighting Controls

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Completed in 2012, the DSNY Garages are unique facilities designed to store and repair NYC Department of Sanitation vehicles.

Safety and an energy conscious City caused DSNY to opt for a lighting Smart Design + Smart Technology = High performance control system that included Daylight Harvesting.

• User-friendly and intuitive interface
• Distributed controls to meet room to room, space to space demands.
• Energy conservation
• 24/7/365 monitoring, alarming and support.

When designing lighting controls for the DSNY project, RGBS was looking for a lighting control system that would be durable, adaptable and allow for flexibility in configuration. The DSNY had unique requirements for their lighting: Time of day, daylight harvesting, motion sensing, key switched overrides and global commands. DSNY was looking for a long term partnership to utilize this technology throughout their numerous facilities. By utilizing effective Daylight Harvesting strategies, DSNY can reduce or eliminate the need for heat- producing electric lights during the day. The concept of Daylight Harvesting is simple. Digital photo sensors detect daylight levels and automatically adjust the output level of electric lighting to create a balance. Dimming ballasts and photo receptors can reduce electric lighting loads proportional to the amount of daylight that enters the space. The result is energy savings.

A balance between natural daylight and electrical lighting


The Distech Control Lighting Solution is RGBS’s 100% digital lighting control system that uses state-of-the art technology to provide innovative lighting control solutions. Distech Control lighting control panels helped DSNY achieve the proper balance between natural daylight and electrical lighting.

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